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"There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one."

What We Believe

We believe in the practice of calisthenics, interval training and bodyweight mastery is how we accomplish our goals at MRF. We teaching using natural form of training in movement focusing on those muscles weakened during pregnancy. Calisthenics will make you strong and help to build endurance!

Calisthenics movements are the most efficient exercises possible, because they work the body as it evolved to work using gravity; not by using individual muscles, or the portions of a muscle, but working all together as a single unit. This means developing the tendons, joints and nervous system as well as the muscles throughout the program. MRF is an athletic development program for moms unlike anything else where we believe Hard work = results.

Our Environment

MommiesRfit is designed to be a safe place for moms to work out together. We meet you where your body it is at. Whether you just had a baby, haven't worked out since having a baby 2 years ago, or work out hard daily as a competitive athlete, we meet you there and challenge you individually to push yourself outside of your limits. We challenge not only your physical strength but also your mental toughness. 


MommiesRfit is where you meet other moms who share the same struggles and successes, it's where you build confidence and succeed. We are a community of women sharing  the journey of motherhood together.


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